"Deep Roots to Live By"


Our Independance


Can you imagine being able to speak to George Washington today and how different our history book would be written if our forefathers' of our nation were alive today. United States is 240 years old this year.


Well Abraham, forefather of the Jews, Gentile Christians, and Arabians, had 10 Patriarchs above him who were living in his time. Even his son Isaac and even Isaac's son, Jacob, could have spoken to their forefathers. The longest living after the flood was Eber, great great grandson of Noah. Reuben, Jacob's son, was 14 when Eber past away. That's 3 generations after Abraham. I would personally, if I was Abraham, ask Noah everything I could ask until Noah passed away 350 years after the flood, Abraham was 58.


It's unfathomable to think when God called Noah, that after the flood his progeny ends up polytheistic with exception of Shem. That's what sin does to us, when we are enslaved to sin we turn away from God. When we become unrepentant, we justify thus we allow reasoning to be corrupted and allow the worship of other gods. But Shem passes on his priesthood and God calls Abraham out to carry on the priesthood.


Abraham and his progeny carried on the mantle of faith believing and waiting for the promise of the Messiah, thousands of years ahead of them and looking ahead in Faith. Similarly, we, Christians, look back in Faith of the promise Christ paid for our sins.


"Don't let paganism enter into our Christianity," Jim Caviezal "The Passion of Christ" Actor says. Like Aaron, brother of Moses and a head Levitical priest, would create God of Israel into a golden bull. Aaron didn't go up with Moses and sanctifed himself though God asked him to. The very next scene Aaron's name is mentioned is when he tells the people of Exodus, "Here is Your GOD that is up in the mountain, this Golden Bull", when their Nation was born.


Don't let our sin in our life minimalize God into an idol, who helped birth our Nation. Lets not lose our sight of Jesus and place Him on the book shelf. Lets focus our Faith in Him. Jesus was Faithful to us so that we don't have to carry our sins. Guilt of sins only makes it heavy for us to carry. Jesus already did that for us. Lets continue to sanctify ourselves daily in Christ by faith and seek salvation daily with reverence and worship.


Lets continue to pray for our Nation and believe the best. Trust God that our Nation will be in the right hands who will direct the future of this country. Happy Independence Day.


Pastor Gregg

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