Pastor Gregg grew up in Southern California and was saved at age 17 when, Oden Fong's, Mustard Seed Faith played at Greg Laurie's Concert Outreach.


Gregg has been a master teacher for 14 years, having taught the bible for many years. His experiences include Pastoral Care, leading the Men's Ministry, teaching the Youth and Children, Outreach Concert Ministry, Prayer Breakfasts, Events, Missions, Counseling, Hospital Visitation and Intercessory Prayer Team Leader.


Nurtured by his spiritual father, Chuck Smith, while attending Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. He is a retired veteran of the Navy and served in Desert Shield/Storm.


Gregg would like to thank the following Pastors for their guidance and great influence throughout his growth: Pastor Chuck Smith, L. E. Romaine, Jim Kempner, Don Mcclure, Mike Macintosh, Greg Laurie, Richard Cimino, Malcolm Wild, Joey Buran, Damian Kyle, Steve Mays, John Spencer, Gary Johnson, Jeff Johnson and David Guzik.



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